Blogging for small businesses like a marketing campaign requires a documented strategy. SEO blogging may sound like you are blogging only for your website to be Google search’s best friend.   

But, there is  more to SEO blogging for small businesses  than just showing up in every other search result. 

SEO blogging could help small businesses with more online brand visibility, get casual web visitors to become leads, increase organic web traffic and then help you make more leads become paying customers.  

You need to learn the ropes though. That is the code!

What does SEO Blogging Strategy for Small Business Entail?

Let’s dive deep into the SEO blogging matter right about now. 

Objectives of a Blog for Small Business

Before you can set a budget for a marketing activity, you want to know the KPIs and how such activity adds to the bottomline. Right? 

These are some business objectives you could achieve with blog for small business

Attract More Target Audience with Business Blog

All web searches are to go, to buy or to know. And the search queries to know about something are always, maybe because people now research over a period of time before they finally buy. 

If your business  does not have a functional blog that constantly addresses topics that web visitors want to know about regarding your business or industry, you will be throwing away a lot of opportunities to get found by interested buyers who want more knowledge to make a good buying decision. 

Shot of a mature woman using a mobile phone while working in a coffee shop

One good reason to blog as a business is to put you in the buyers’ journey of those who want to buy more before buying. 

Attract Influencers through Content

Influencers always have the followership behind them. But, it is not all the time that they have the right content to share with their audience. If you can create and position your content to be of help to relevant influencers, you will find their favour. 

Relationship matters in getting influencers to share your content though. Before ask them for favour, get into their radar. 

Follow them and participate in their conversations. When the opportunity comes for you to pitch your content, grab it and run with it!

Rank Website Higher in Search Results

Ranking for keywords is a giant motivation for SEO blogging for small business. But consumer behaviour has gotten more complex than you ranking some particular keywords. 

That you even rank #1 for all your primary keywords does not guarantee you sales. I have been there, I have seen it all. 

Instead of restricting your business to fighting for a certain set of keywords that are already over-competitive, leverage on SEO blogging to write about topics that will widen the horizon of search results your website gets into for more visibility and website traffic. 

Introduce More Calls to Action

If you get SEO blogging for small business right, every piece of content you publish will one or the other have to do with your products, services, promos, campaigns, vision, mission or trending topic around your business. 

Thus, you can end each post with CTA on what you expect the reader to do, in order to go further in the buyer’s journey. 

Benefits of Business Blog to Readers

These are some of the benefits readers can get from following a business blog:

Solving Problems for Readers with Content

There are too many problems to solve in this world, you can’t solve them all but you could do just enough to attract the right audience you could sell to. 

This is the place of how-to content in SEO blogging. Do keyword research to unravel long-tail keywords and questions on problems many of your target audience would like to solve. If you have to partner with an expert(s) to practically solve such a problem, please do. 

Solving problems for people makes you a fixer. Last time I checked, people love a fixer!

Updating Audience with New  Topics, Trends, and Tips

What technology has pleasantly plagued our world with today is quick changes. Things change so fast now and every smart person wants to keep up in order to stay relevant. 

This provides an opportunity for your business to blog about what is new about your market or related industries. There will always be one update or the other, newly-found tips and tricks, updates to systems and more. To share with your audience. 

Provoke Conversation

Your small business could blog about opinion-related topics. It won;t be a crime to take a stand on issues going on in your industry. 

Controversy attracts publicity like a magnet, You don’t want to be in the limelight for negative things though. 

You could create thought-provoking content once in a while to provoke conversations about your business and your industry. It is allowed. 

Content Ideas for Small Business Blog

These are content pillars you blog about: 

Hope you find this really helpful.